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Bardowick's prosperity — it had seven churches — was based purely on the fact that no other trading centres were tolerated.

Only when Bardowick refused to pay allegiance to Henry the Lion was it destroyed by him in , whereupon Lüneburg was given town privileges Stadtrechte and developed into the central trading post in the region in place of Bardowick.

The Polabian name for Lüneburg is Glain written as Chlein or Glein in older German sources , probably derived from glaino Slavonic : glina which means "clay".

As a consequence of the monopoly that Lüneburg had for many years as a supplier of salt within the North German region, a monopoly not challenged until much later by French imports, it very quickly became a member of the Hanseatic League.

The League was formed in in Lübeck , initially as a union of individual merchants, but in it met as a federation of trading towns at the first general meeting of the Hansetag.

Lüneburg's salt was needed in order to pickle the herring caught in the Baltic Sea and the waters around Norway so that it could be preserved for food inland during periods of fasting when fish not meat was permitted.

The Scania Market at Scania in Sweden was a major fish market for herring and became one of the most important trade events in Northern Europe in the Middle Ages.

Lüneburg's salt was in great demand and the town quickly became one of the wealthiest and most important towns in the Hanseatic League, together with Bergen and Visby the fish suppliers and Lübeck the central trading post between the Baltic and the interior.

With the opening of the Stecknitz Canal in salt could be transported by cog from the Lübeck salt warehouses, the Salzspeicher.

Around the year , the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg emerged, ruled by a family whose aristocratic lines repeatedly divided and re-united.

The smaller states that kept re-appearing as a result, and which ranked as principalities, were usually named after the location of the ducal seat.

Thus between and a Principality of Lüneburg was created for the first time, with Lüneburg as the seat of the royal Residenz.

In , in the wake of the Lüneburg War of Succession , rebel citizens threw the princes out of the town and destroyed their royal castle on the Kalkberg along with the nearby monastery.

The state peace treaty in granted their demand to become a free imperial town , a status they were able to defend until The money now stayed in the town, enabling fine houses and churches to be built.

In Lüneburg was accorded the staple right. This forced merchants who travelled through the area with their carts to stop in Lüneburg, unload their wares, and offer them for sale for a certain period.

So that merchants could not go around Lüneburg, an impassable defensive barrier was built west of the town in ; a similar barrier was built east of the town in The Lüneburg Prelates' War caused a crisis from to This was not a war in the proper sense, but rather a bitter dispute between the town council and those members of the clergy who were also part-owners of the town's saltworks.

Since , Lüneburg has once again held the title of a Hanseatic town. With the demise of the Hanseatic League — and the absence of herrings around around Falsterbo in Scania — the biggest customers of Lüneburg's salt broke away and the town rapidly became impoverished.

Hardly any new houses were built in central Lüneburg after this time, which is why the historical appearance of the town centre has remained almost unchanged until the present day.

In the centuries after the collapse of the League, it was as if Lüneburg had fallen into a Sleeping Beauty slumber.

Heinrich Heine , whose parents lived in Lüneburg from to , called it his "residence of boredom" Residenz der Langeweile.

Near the end of the 19th century Lüneburg evolved into a garrison town, and it remained so until the s. In the Lüneburg Special Children's Ward, part of the Lüneburg State Mental Hospital, it is suspected that over children were killed during the Second World War as part of the official Nazi child euthanasia programme.

In Lüneburg surfaced once again in the history books when, south of the town on the hill known as the Timeloberg near the village of Wendisch Evern the German Instrument of Surrender was signed that brought the Second World War in Europe to an end.

The location is presently inaccessible to the general public as it lies within a military out-of-bounds area. Only a small monument on a nearby track alludes to the event.

On 23 May Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler took his own life in Lüneburg whilst in British Army custody by biting into a potassium cyanide capsule embedded in his teeth before he could be properly interrogated.

He was subsequently buried in an unmarked location in a nearby forest. Even before the Nuremberg Trials took place, the first war crimes trial, the so-called Belsen Trial Bergen-Belsen-Prozess , began in Lüneburg on 17 September conducted against 45 former SS men, women and kapos prisoner functionaries from the Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz concentration camps.

But the dilapidated state of its buildings led to various plans to try to improve living conditions. One proposition that was seriously discussed was to tear down the entire Altstadt and replace it with modern buildings.

The ensuing public protest resulted in Lüneburg becoming the focal point for a new concept: cultural heritage conservation. Since the early s the town has been systematically restored.

A leading figure in this initiative since the late s has been Curt Pomp: against much opposition from politicians and councillors he founded and championed the Lüneburg Altstadt Working Group Arbeitskreis Lüneburger Altstadt for the preservation of historic buildings.

Today Lüneburg is a tourist attraction as a result of the restoration and important sectors of the town's economy also depend on tourism.

The area was located on the Lüneburg Heath and was heavily used particularly by tanks and other armoured vehicles.

The salt mine was closed in , ending the thousand-year tradition of salt mining, although small amounts are still mined for ceremonial purposes.

Small bags of salt may be purchased in the town hall, and bags are given as a gift from the town to all couples married in the town.

After the closing of the salt mines, the town gained new relevance from its university, which was founded in As part of the restructuring of Defence in two of the three Bundeswehr barracks in the town were closed and the remaining one reduced in size.

The Bundesgrenzschutz barracks was also closed. Lüneburg University moved to the site of the old Scharnhorst barracks. The university grew out of the new economics and cultural studies departments set up in the s and their amalgamation with the College of Education Pädagogischen Hochschule or PH that took place in Since its move to the former barracks site the university has enrolled increasing numbers of students.

The expansion of the university is an important contribution to the restructuring of the town into a service centre. Today an industrial estate, the Lünepark , has been built on the terrain of the old Bundesgrenzschutz barracks with its new industrial premises for entrepreneurs.

The promotion of trade and industry has resulted in many firms from the ICT area locating themselves there. In May the nearby Johannes Westphal Bridge was opened to traffic.

This links the newly created Lünepark with the suburb of Goseburg on the far side of the Ilmenau. Since 5 October Lüneburg has been able to call itself a Hanseatic Town; together with Stade it is one of only two towns in Lower Saxony to bear the title.

Lüneburg already had about 14, inhabitants in the Late Middle Ages and beginning of the Modern Period and was one of the largest 'cities' of its time, but its population shrank with the economic downturn to just 9, in ; then rose again to 10, in With the onset of industrialisation in the 19th century, population growth accelerated.

If 13, were living in the town in , by there were as many as 35, Shortly after the Second World War, refugees and displaced persons from Germany's eastern territories brought an increase in population within just a few months of around 18, people so that the total number in December was 53, In the 70, level was exceeded for the first time.

The town of Lüneburg, its eponymous district and the neighbouring district of Harburg belong to the few regions in Germany that have experienced such a massive growth.

The reasons for this include the growth of areas around the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and the consequent shift of people to those areas. The Lower Saxon State Office for Statistics has forecast that the town of Lüneburg will have a population of 89, by the year More realistic estimates, however, put the future size Lüneburg at between 75, and 79, in that time frame.

On 31 December , according to the Statistics Office, the official census for Lüneburg recorded 72, people those who had their main residence in the town and after adjustments with other states offices — the highest number in its history.

Currently Lüneburg is the eleventh largest centre of population in Lower Saxony. In addition Lüneburg has particularly close relations with its adjacent municipalities which are also growing and with which it is forming an agglomeration.

The town council has the plan to extend the population by adding these villages to the town area. The following overview shows the population figures based on the situation at the time.

From the figures were based on those 'present in the town', from on those 'living in the town' and since on the 'population who have their main residence in the town'.

Before the numbers were based on inconsistent survey methods. At one time Lüneburg had over 80 breweries.

These beers are brewed today by the Holsten Brewery in Hamburg, although the original yeast stock Hefestämme was destroyed when the Kronen Brewery was taken over.

Only the original Lüneburger Pilsener is still produced as before, although it is now made by the Holsten Brewery and only sold on tap.

Today there are just two small inn breweries left in Lüneburg. Recently Lüneburg has increasingly developed into a venue for tourists.

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